Reported in the Gloucester Journal, 23 July 1763

About noon on the previous Saturday a man entered a blacksmith’s shop in Chalford Bottom to have his horse shod. There it was recognised that both he and his horse met the description of a highwayman who three weeks earlier had robbed and shot a man on the Bath road. He was apprehended and searched revealing a brace of loaded pistols. Their suspicions confirmed they brought him before a justice who committed him into the custody of a constable by whom he was secured at the George Inn in Bisley.

The excitement of the arrest attracted a crowd amongst which was a man who had been robbed near Cirencester that morning. On entering the room where the highwayman was at supper, he immediately declared that he was indeed the fellow who robbed him.

“Will you swear to that” asked the villain. The answer was a strong affirmative. “Well then, I might as well die first as last” he declared and, taking up his supper knife, cut his own throat in a shocking manner. He did not die immediately but did not last until nightfall.  He was found to have eight guineas in his pocket and had committed many robberies between Cirencester and Malmesbury.



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