Clarke’s ‘ Cash Supply Stores ‘ was at the heart of village life. Three generations of the Clarke family ran it. Benjamin  Clarke  came first in 1877 as postmaster. His son Fred succeeded him in 1907. Douglas Clarke remembered the shop” it was large with the shelves all around, the sugar and flour were all loose“

At the back of the shop there was a bakehouse and a slaughterhouse where pigs were killed and salted down for bacon until 1940

In 1914 the first telephone exchange was set up in the Clarke’s front room but in 1942 due to the pressures of World War II the shop was sold to the    Co -op. 

Notice that on the wall  of the shop is a sign which I think reads “Bisley Post  Office”  and underneath it is a letterbox.

In the photo, is one of Fred’s sons, Tom , the proud owner of a motor bike and sidecar. 1932

Research Juliet Shipman

When the co-op left the shop it was taken over by an antique dealer and remains so to this day. The post office moved to the house with the railings next door and was run by Douglas Clarke. As well as the post office all sorts of useful items were sold there. The house is now called “ The Old Post Office”.

The George Stores, in the former George Inn, now houses the post office.

Ian Edmunds



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