The Group

Before COVID19 struck we had just over 70 members. Meetings were arranged on a monthly basis with speakers talking on subjects of general and particularly local interest.

The administration of the group was carried out by a committee in  accordance with a written constitution. This included making arrangements for speakers, visits, research and other projects. seeking the views of the membership and setting up the general infrastructure.

This website covered information from meetings etc and continues to include posts covering our up to date research. The Facebook page “Bisley History Group” is a major source of material.

Ian Edmunds set up and manages this website and is the originator and administrator of the Facebook page. The Group meetings will be re-commenced as soon as it is safe to do so.

Ashmolean Museum Outing

Our trip to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford to see the Last Supper in Pompeii exhibition was successful in all ways. The coach arrived early and enabled immediate boarding on a bitterly cold morning. The exhibition experience was summed up by Jane Bentley as follows:

Dr Paul Roberts gave us a splendid tour. He spoke with such passion and knowledge; I found his descriptions riveting. The exhibits took on a life of their own, set in the context of life in Pompeii, and I was intrigued to see how many objects we could recognise and use today. I’ve been to Pompeii a couple of times and love wandering through the back streets and out to the amphitheatre, but of course none of the objects are there, which made this such a special exhibition.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will hopefully be on the third Thursday in the month at 7.30pm in Bisley Village Hall. Sadly, due to COVID 19, this cannot be properly set up until safe to do so.


The full programme of meetings will be shown on the Events page as soon as possible.