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Bisley Lock-up

Bisley Lock-up One of the two cells Lock ups  held  persons overnight who, in general, had committed minor offences whilst awaiting release or commitment to  the House of Correction. The pictures show

Thomas Keble

Thomas Keble was born at Court Close, Fairford on 25 October 1793, the younger son of John Keble, vicar of Coln St Aldwyns, and his wife Sarah. John Keble, his elder

Bisley Workhouse (Joiners)

The heavy burden of poor-relief in a parish with so numerous a population of cottage weavers led to a succession of expedients. In 1677 the parish officers were given permission

Bisley Pubs and Ale Houses

There were reputed to be fourteen pubs in Bisley in the 19th century and possibly several houses selling ale as well. There are now only two pubs remaining - The Bear

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