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The Corner Shop

This tiny shop was on the corner of George Street and the High Street. It is now a private residence. The door has now been replaced by a window. Standing near

The Bell Inn

One of oldest pubs in Bisley, it was built after the village got its market charter in 1687. It was hoped that the market would bring business to the Inn


Stancombe is a small hamlet about a mile west of Bisley. The Old Toll House The toll house was built in 1823 when the turnpikes were introduced to finance the improved roads.

The Stirrup Cup

The Stirrup Cup Inn is located in New Inn Square opposite the War Memorial . It was formerly called The New Inn and the name was changed in 19XX. Bisley’s Pubs

The George Inn

The Village Stores, formerly the George Inn The George Stores, situated in the High Street opposite George Street, was formerly The George Inn. The 17th century building has a large arched

The Bear Inn

The following was mostly transcribed from an old handwritten notice hanging in the bar: The sign of the bear is an old one in Bisley. In 1639 the Bear Inn was

The Bisley Boy

The legend suggests that when the future Queen Elisabeth I visited her manor in Bisley, she fell ill and died. Fearing the wrath of Henry VIII, the residents substituted a

Bisley Market and Fairs

Sir Robert Atkyns, the lord of the manor, obtained a royal grant for a Thursday market and fairs on 23 April and 1 November in 1687. He sold his rights

Bisley Lock-up

Bisley Lock-up One of the two cells Lock ups  held  persons overnight who, in general, had committed minor offences whilst awaiting release or commitment to  the House of Correction. The pictures show