Date Subject or Event Speaker Venue
Jan 23 Christmas Ghosts A.Nanson K Hartsiotis Hall
Feb 27 Norman Bucknell & Arts and Crafts Ashley Dickenson Juliet Shipman Hall
Mar 19 The Gloucester Hussars Laurence Birkett Hall
Apl 16 The Medieval Towns of Gloucestershire  Nicolas Herbert Hall
May 8 VE Day Celebrations Sue Williams Ian Edmunds Hall
Jun Outside Visits    
Jul Outside Visits    
Jul 16 AGM  & Stroud Workhouse Chas Townley (To be confirmed) Hall
Aug  20 The Swinging 60s  V & D Adsell Hall
Sep 17 Childcare in Tudor and Stuart times M.J Watkins Hall
Oct 15 200 years of Saul Junction Tony Condor Hall
Nov 19      
Dec 17     Hall